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terms and conditions

This agreement is made on the date as noted on your application and is made between DERBY HUB Limited whose registered office is at Unit J, Williams Yard, Derby Road, Melbourne, Derbyshire. DE73 8JJ and you, the MEMBER as designated on your application form (hereafter referred to as the MEMBER).

1. General

1.1 These Terms and Conditions come into force on the commencement of your Membership to the Derby Hub.

1.2 Any variation to these Terms and Conditions by either party shall have no effect unless agreed to by both parties in writing.

2. Fees

2.1 All fees fall due on acceptance of your application to the HUB

2.2 Fees may be paid on a monthly basis.

2.3 Monthly payments shall be received no later than the first working day of each month with the first payment falling due on the first working day of the month following acceptance. Should any monthly payment become fourteen days overdue, the Committee reserves the right to demand full payment of the outstanding month along with compensation to cover any inconvenience.

2.4 The HUB shall charge a late payment fee of £10 for any payments not received on the due date.

2.5 All fees are currently exclusive of VAT but this shall be subject to change in line with UK tax laws.

2.6 The cost of attendance at each two weekly meeting is included in the monthly membership fee.

2.7 Any additional monthly or ad hoc meetings shall be charged separately and notified at the time.

3. Membership

3.1 Applicants shall not be excluded from being MEMBERs of the HUB because of Race, Religion, Gender, Sexual Orientation or Conflict of Profession.

3.2 Membership shall run from on a month by month basis and members should give at least 1 months notice of resigning their seat.

3.3 Membership is conditional upon acceptance of these terms and conditions.

3.4 Membership is conditional upon acceptance by the existing Membership.

3.5 Membership is conditional upon a favourable response by two business references.

3.6 All MEMBERs must abide by the ethical standards of the Derby Hub at all times; failure to do so may result in termination of Membership.

3.7 MEMBERs are entitled to attend one Fortnightly meeting free of charge; attendance at any subsequent meeting that same month shall be chargeable.

4. Attendance

4.1 The Derby Hub Committee must receive confirmation of MEMBER non attendance at a meeting by the close of business of the Monday preceding the fortnightly meeting (or the first working day after a bank holiday).

4.2 A MEMBERs failure to cancel attendance at a booked meeting and instead attending an un-booked meeting shall result in the levy of a meeting fee.

5. Visitors

5.1 Visitors may attend a meeting by invitation only and are subject to a pre-arranged meeting fee.

5.2 Visitors can attend up to a maximum of two Fortnightly meetings before submitting an application to join. Visitors declining to join at that stage may no longer attend subsequent Fortnightly meetings.

5.3 It is the responsibility of the MEMBER to book their visitor(s) on to a meeting.

5.4 All visitors will be eligible for a meeting fee of £10.00

6. Renewals

6.1 Application renewals are not required and your membership will roll over unless 1 months notice to resign your seat is received. 

7. Termination of Membership

7.1 Membership of the Derby Hub shall be terminated by the Committee for any and all of the following reasons:

i. A complaint by another MEMBER of a breach of Derby Hub’s Ethical Standards which has been upheld by the Committee.

ii. A MEMBER’s failure to attend four consecutive meetings without prior notice being given.

iii. Any breech by the MEMBER of professional standards, rules, regulations or policies enforced by the MEMBER’s own professional body.

iv. Any Conviction under U.K. Law (excluding motoring offences not otherwise declarable)

7.2 A MEMBER may suspend their Membership for any of the following reasons:

i. Medical reasons (personal or immediate family)

ii. Relocation out of the area by their company

7.3 No refund shall be made of any pre-paid Membership fees.

8. The Committee

8.1 The Committee shall administer the Derby Hub on behalf of its MEMBERs and shall have sole responsibility for:

i. Setting up and running all  meetings

ii. Collection of all monies due

iii. The finances of the Derby Hub

iv. All administration

v. Processing applications and renewals 

vi. Obtaining specialist speakers and presenters

vii. Resolving any and all disputes between MEMBERs

8.2 Any MEMBER of the Derby Hub may be entitled to sit on the Committee providing the following criteria are met:

i. The MEMBER must be nominated by at least two other MEMBERs

ii. The MEMBER must be voted onto the Committee by the existing committee members.

iii. The Committee does not exceed five in number

8.3 Any MEMBER may be removed from the Committee if the following criteria apply:

i. Two other MEMBERs bring a successful case against the Committee MEMBER.

ii. The Committee MEMBER may be voted off by a majority of the existing Committee. 

iii. The Committee MEMBER fails to attend four consecutive meetings without prior notice being given.

iv. The Committee MEMBER commits a material breach of the professional standards, rules, regulations or policies enforced by the MEMBER’s own professional body.

v. The Committee MEMBER is convicted under any U.K. Law (excluding motoring offences not otherwise declarable.)

8.4 The Committee shall meet at regular intervals and update the Membership at all times.

9. Meetings

9.1 Meetings shall be held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.

9.2 It is the responsibility of the MEMBER to book their place at any meeting by close of business on the Monday of the week preceding the meeting.

9.3 In the event of more than one meeting being held that week, it is the responsibility of the MEMBER to book the correct meeting that they wish to attend.

9.4 A maximum of 25 MEMBERs are allowed to attend any one weekly meeting.

9.5 It is the responsibility of the MEMBER to book their visitor(s) on to a meeting.

10. Data Protection

The MEMBER consents to the computer storage and processing of their personal data by Derby Hub in connection with this Agreement and to the transmission of this data across the company and its business partners for the purposes of our legitimate interests including statistical analysis, marketing of our services and credit control. If the MEMBER breaches this Agreement, the MEMBER’s personal data may be disclosed or passed to third parties to the extent necessary to assist recovery procedures.

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