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Networking should be considered part of your normal working day, when you go to a networking event you should take your tool kit with you, just the same as if you were going to see a client and you would take the tools of your trade. Would a plumber turn up to do jobs without his monkey wrench or joiner turn up without a tape measure?

So what should our Networking Tool Kit Contain?

  1. Name badge: What is the point of going to a networking event if you don’t want anyone to know who you are; you never know there might be someone there that has you on his or her most wanted list. If the event or group supply you with a name badge ensure you wear it in a prominent place. If they don’t, invest in having one made with your own logo on.
  2. Business cards: How are people going to remember you after the event, ensure you have a good supply of cards for people who ask for them, remember do not push your cards on to people, they will only end up in the bin, if someone asks for a card they are interested in you and want to be able to remember you. What impression will you make if you say “sorry I have run out” or “oh I have only got a couple with me”. You will attract all the printers in the room ready to supply you.
  3. Your top ten most wanted: Not only might they be in the room and someone could introduce you, but you never know who the people in the room know. Your most wanted could be the guy Fred plays golf with each week, or who Flossy drops the kids of at school with.
  4. Your business card holder: Imagine meeting someone there and being able to put them in front of just the person they need to speak too. Showing you have a bank of people to support you gives you credibility.
  5. Brochures explaining what you do: Helping people understand what you do and how you do it in a short space of time is an art in itself, how much better if your literature does some of the talking for you, plus it is something extra for the prospective contact to take away and remember you by.
  6. Note pad and pen: If you have forgotten the note pad don’t worry; you can always use the pen you have taken with you to write interesting facts on their business cards. This comes in particularly handy when you call them in a couple of days to follow up.
  7. Your mobile phone: When you meet a prospective client, supplier or strategic alliance put their number straight into the phone, then how great does it look when they call you in a couple of days and you know their name as soon as you take the call.
  8. Enthusiasm and an open mind: Nothing worse than standing speaking to someone who answers you in a monotone voice or gives you 'yes or no answers', even when you are using open questions.

To get the best out of the above, again I return to my theme that one of the best ways of increasing your sales and profit is networking, why not request an invite to the next Derby Hub meeting. 

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This blog article is from Angela Szczepankiewicz of Virtual Admin Plus


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Date Added: 06 September 2013

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