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"The ascent of Everest was not the work of one day, nor even of these few unforgettable weeks in which we climbed ........ It is, in fact a tale of sustained and tenacious endeavour by many, over a long period of time." Sir John Hunt - scaled Mount Everest 1953.

This "sustained and tenacious endeavour" is what grows your business and your profits. Networking is by far the best way that SME's grow there business and as suc to continue our series of "3 tips" that should, if applied, help improve the value of your networking activity:-

  • Remove the Sales pressure. If you do not intend to follow up on a lead, say, "No Salesperson will call." If you intend to follow up the lead on the phone but not in person, say, "No Salesperson will visit."
  • Do your sums before you begin a reward system. Don't pay beyond what the referral is worth - experts suggest a reward valued at no more than 15% of a project's revenue.
  • Look positive at Networking Events. Enter the room with a smile. No matter how nervous you feel and however much you might be quaking inside, do your best to appear confident. Breathe! When you meet someone, smile and shake hands firmly. Make lots of eye contact (but not in an unblinking scary way). If you have a smile on your face, people will see you as approachable, enthusiastic and friendly (and you will feel a lot better too).

To get the best out of the above, again I return to my theme that one of the best ways of increasing your sales and profit is networking, why not request an invite to the next Derby Hub meeting. 

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This blog article is from Tony Miles of Milestone Management Solutions

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Date Added: 01 July 2013

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