Your 3 Free Networking Tips


"Don't let someone who has given upon their dreams talk you out of yours"  - Brad Sugar, CEO Action Coach International.

Only mix with the right forward looking people and you will find them at Networking Events to help you get the best from networking we continue our series of "3 tips" that should, if applied, help improve the value of your networking activity:-

  • Motivate Prospects to respond. If you want a large volume of leads you must motivate prospects to take action. The offer of a sales presentation is not very enticing - actually it's more likely to repel prospects. They want information, solutions, help, advice, samples, ideas, designs, savings, quality, service, support, assurances or guarantees. When you make your offer more enticing, more prospects will take action.
  • Referral rewards aren't limited to hard cash. They can range from a free estimate, sample or consultation to a discount on future purchases or extra goods or services at no additional cost.
  • Arrive early to Networking Events. If you arrive early the number of people will be smaller and more manageable.

To get the best out of the above, again I return to my theme that one of the best ways of increasing your sales and profit is networking, why not request an invite to the next Derby Hub meeting. 

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This blog article is from Tony Miles of Milestone Management Solutions

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Date Added: 25 June 2013

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