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If you employ someone who is currently on the work programme, a wage incentive worth up to £2,275 each, will be available for employers who can offer an 18 to 24 year-old from the Government’s Work Programme, a job lasting at least 26 weeks.

The work programme is the Government’s scheme for longer term unemployed people, typically 9 months plus. It is delivered by A4E and Ingeus Deloitte in the East Midlands area, and supported by a number of subcontracting organisations. In Derby, for A4E, this is Community Enterprise Derby, Seetec (Derbyshire) and the Chamber of Commerce.

The wage incentive will be available if you employ someone for 16 hours or more each week. There will be a part-time rate of £1,137.50 for work between 16 and 29 hours and a full time rate of £2,275 for 30 hours or more. This will be paid 26 weeks after the employee starts work. Small businesses (less than 50 employees) can also claim a part payment 8 weeks after the employee starts work.

Wage incentives will be primarily available to private, voluntary and community sectors and social enterprise employers.

Young people who are on the Work Programme will have been out of work and claiming benefits, typically for at least 9 months. They will be working with a company to help them find work, over and above their regular claiming at the Jobcentre. If you are unsure, ask the person, they should know what scheme they are on.

This is only available to young people on the work programme – the money will come via A4E or Ingeus, or through their supply chain.

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Date Added: 05 April 2012

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