the birth of derby hub


Many good businesses failed during the recession; some because their clients could not pay them, some because work dried up, others through lack of experience.

Some of the strongest businesses today started during lean times, the same is starting to happen during this recession.

No doubt times are hard at the moment and confidence in spending is not the best that it has been, but some businesses are flourishing and they must be doing something right.

In December 2010, we came up with an idea that would become 'Derby Hub'. Please see our supporters page to get an idea of the people who have been involved in the development Derby Hub over the last few months, we like to give credit where it is due.

Derby Hub is a 'not for profit' membership organisation, set up to help the Derbyshire business community flourish.

The organisations core mission is to create a culture of giving and collaboration between Derbyshire businesses. By working together; Derbyshire's business community can become more successful.

Derby Hub will help to nurture and nourish Derbyshire businesses by providing the following core services:

  • Informal weekly and monthly networking
  • Advertising / PR (via the website, email marketing and social media)
  • Sign post for support
  • Business surgery support sessions
  • Business support workshops
  • Business mentor facility

With the government reducing support and funding for businesses, this is about encouraging business to collaborate and 'share business excellence', for the greater good of the Derbyshire business community.

If we can help our business community to become stronger, then that will help increase both spending and employment.

Derby Hub is run - by the members - for the members.

If Derby Hub sounds like something you would like to be involved in why not come along to one of our monthly showcase meeting or register your interest.

To find our more about how to join Derby Hub, click here.

Uniting Derby's Business Community - Sharing Business Excellence

By Craig Barker

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Date Added: 30 September 2011

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