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Don’t be afraid to ask for advice / help

Every day is a different networking and potential learning experience, and running a small business will provide you with many avenues that you have simply not been taught. 

You may know some areas of your business well and others not so well, but by talking and building relationships with other people you will realize that generally they are in the same boat as you and once you begin to learn about each other you can understand how to best help each other out.

Also, don’t be afraid to give advice, although you may feel that you have less overall experience than others you may be able to give valuable advice on what you are confident in, so try to help others out wherever you can.

Be eager to learn about others

Show a keen interest in other businesses, as although on first meeting you may not think that you could collaborate with a certain individual in any way, once you learn about the business and more importantly the person behind the business, many ways that you could both benefit will become apparent.

If you can, try to help “spread the word” about your contacts. Maybe you know someone that is looking to get a specific job completed or maybe another local business that needs advice? And karma is a great thing as it always comes back around. 

Also, a lot of the time, some of the best contacts come through word of mouth, so try to ask your contacts who they think would be interested in what you provide, their knowledge of you can be a great benefit.

Know your field

To get to this level I’m sure that you will have gone through extensive education and training, but one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to believe that you have learnt enough. 

All aspects of business are constantly changing, whether that be because of technology, the culture you live in or the means of completing the job. You must keep up to date with how best to continually learn as much as you can. This could be through training classes, help from others or even just general research, but there is always a way that you can learn more.

One of my rules is that on every job I try something new, a new technique, skill, style, something that will challenge me and hopefully will be a success that I can add to all future work.

Show your passion 

Whether you have been doing your job for 5 or 50 years, I’m sure you are passionate about what you do. 

If you can show others how passionate and enthusiastic you are about your job then it will rub off. Although you may not have much experience, others will see that you have the determination to get the job done properly because you care about the end result.

If you can try to treat each job like it was your first; where there was that fear of the unknown, this was a new challenge, a new style of working... maybe it was the added responsibility and potential risk... but embracing that fear made you stronger, made sure you go that little bit further to achieve not only something that you are proud of, but surpasses your customers needs!

Article by Jason Elberts of Jet Productions

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Date Added: 28 November 2013

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