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Being employed means someone is responsible in paying you.

Being self-employed is when it’s up to you. A self-employed attitude is sometimes ‘now I can do what I want’ but it took me some time to realise that you are still employed…but by your clients. You therefore, need to do so much more to get them and keep them happy so they pay you.

THINK why should they use my company and not next door? What do I offer that’s different? At Missing Element Mortgage Services, its possibly being available 7 days a week, 7.30am to 9pm each day - home visits at any time and also my experience.

Look at what others charge and believe in what you're worth. Lowering your price could be detrimental - it could be seen that you offer a second rate product or service.

Know your clients before you talk to them. Do your homework; the internet is a great tool if you use it correctly.

Whilst on the phone only be positive in your mood – no one will love a negative person.

In the first 60 seconds talk positively like; “I am so pleased you have contacted me, I really look forward to building a working relationship...YES WE WOULD LOVE TO HELP YOU! Your product is a perfect fit for our offerings – I believe we can excel in helping your business succeed.”

Keep records that are easily accessible in the future - calling an old client can bring big rewards. 

By Nigel Jones
Missing Element Mortgage Services

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Date Added: 26 February 2014

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