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This weeks article is by Sue Cliff of Pink Mortar

  • ROM - Relevance of Meeting. Is the group appropriate for your industry
  • RAM - Roam and Mingle. Look at the attendance list and find the folks likely to have synergy with you
  • IT- Intelligent Tracking. Do the research on people you have met before ou have a one to one- Facebook/linkedin their Website
  • Server. Give out good smiley vibes- no one loves a moaner/misery/grump
  • PC - Personal contacts-. Who could you invite to the meeting to increase variation in attendance
  • CPU - Contact people urgently. If you have made a useful contact don’t let them get away
  • Mobile working. Don’t sit down on your own- be aware of strangers on their own move over to them
  • G3. Go regularly to meetings. Gather other people’s needs first before revealing yours. Get business cards.
  • Processor Speed. People speak too quickly when doing their 60 seconds- brains can't process it so slow down.
  • BITs. Use any bits of info you gather from attendees- can you connect them to others you know not in the room?
  • Bites. Meeting someone at one of these meetings is a small bite of their lives- arrange a one to one for the full meal deal!
  • LAN - Love all Networking. It will pay off handsomely.
  • WAN - Wait... and Nurture relationships-. Don’t rush things; everything comes to he who waits...

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Date Added: 26 July 2012

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