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Derby Hub's series of “Inspiring Derby” events continued to invigorate recently with its most exciting yet, thanks to guest speaker and TV personality James Lewis. Things couldn't have gone any better. Far more than just an informative night at the Morley Hayes Hotel & Golf Club, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and everybody involved thought so too.

“James was fantastic, inspirational, captivating and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to”

James broke the ice in a light-hearted, informal manner; introducing himself and going over his fascinating journey from redundancy to setting up his own auction house along with this father, right up to his current TV success. From then on everybody remained hooked. And he only kept the momentum going, encouraging people to engage, opening the floor up to any questions.

“I was very impressed with the whole event and the friendliness of it's members”

James even brought along some of the antiquities he's famed for valuing, inviting people to come up and give their own estimation – something not as easy as it looks on television! 




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Date Added: 13 March 2013

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