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At the last meeting, Sarah Loates from Loates Business Solutions Ltd shared with Derby Hub all about engagement. Engagement with employees, customers, suppliers in fact anyone we need to engage with, to effectively run our businesses! During Derby Hub’s regular education slot Sarah discussed how it is critical to have relationships big enough to deliver the results, which we want from our business.

Based on the book Future, Engage, Deliver, which is an essential guide to leadership by Steve Ratcliffe. Sarah shared with the group the relationship to results pyramid. Further information about Future, Engage, Deliver can be found here:


Craig Barker a Hub member commented:
“It was very thought provoking and an interesting topic. Something which we probably take for granted but can have a huge impact on each of our businesses!”

Sarah concluded:
“I see attending networking events such as Derby Hub as all about creating deep relationships with others, which in time will deliver results for all Derby Hub members”.

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Main Member Presentation:

Our 10 minute speaker was Julian Hall of Calm People. The topic was the 'Karpman Drama Triangle' and the different personas that a person might adopt to control another individual, what to look out for, and more importantly how to avoid entering the triangle.

"One of the most interesting things was, identifying some of these traits in people you know or have dealt with in the past."
Tony Miles, Milestone Management Solutions

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Derby Hub Top Tips:

One of the things we like to do at Derby Hub, is share our own top tips. Below you will find a few from the meeting:

"Look after your equipment, without it you will not have a business."
Jason Elberts, Jet Productions   

"If you pay a regular bill for a regular service, always remember to review both the service and the price you are paying."
Tracey Webster, GT Vehicle Services   

"Stay positive, the glass is always half full."
Karen Sheldon,Sheldon Flanders Financial Services   

"Ask a member of staff to write your 60 seconds presentation for networking meetings, that way you will get their perspective on your business."
Yvonne Gorman, Essential Print Services

"Protect your time it is your most valuable asset, look how you could group tasks together. Look for small efficiencies."
Craig Barker, Koobr   

"If you print at anything more than 600 dots per inch you are wasting your ink. In most cases the paper cannot print higher resolution than this."
Samir Fahmy, Optimum Business Supplies   

"When you set your goals make sure you have them written down and visible."
Jon Green, Utility Warehouse   

"Never let a lender turn you down."
Nigel Jones, Missing Elements Mortgages   

"Ensure you ask for the business."
Tony Miles, Milestone Management Solutions   

"Be true to your values, don’t be afraid to say 'no'."
Paula Barsby, Aloe Fur All   

"Focus on the clients you already have, this is where you get your greatest rewards."
Jo Roberts, F-Stop Press   

"Every time you pick up a piece of paper and do nothing with it, put a tick in the corner, it makes you conscious of how much time you are wasting."
Angela Szczepankiewicz, Virtual Admin+   

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Date Added: 07 October 2013

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