Are you Networking?


What is Networking?

First of all it is not just attending a meeting, in reality it’s doing something with the contacts that you make at a networking event to start and foster a relationship. It goes without saying that people deal with people, but it is a little more than that, more correctly people deal with people that they know. They used to say it takes 7 touches to convert a prospect to a client with the advent of social media this has now increased and depending who you read this has now gone up to more than 11 touches for the same effect. Meeting someone once at an event will not do it. The people that say networking does not work are those that have failed to grasp this simple concept.

Participate don't just attend.

Business tip from my Granddad I have carried this with me from a very early age, he stated that if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing well. Applying this specifically to networking he meant; get involved.

Accept a roll if one is offered and contribute were you can. Recently Angela has been requesting contact names to invite, and I know that all members have not sent names, but I am not going to name you. If you struggle, you know that list of people that you have recently met at networking events perhaps they would like to come?

Another way to get involved is to attend events regularly and I know there are times when we can't attend but for these instances send a substitute, here's a thought, use our monthly members to sub for you. I know that we are not BNI but arranging a sub works for all sorts of reasons:-

·         It gives you a presence when you are not here and as such it is helping you.

·         It gives our monthly members a chance for more exposure and as such you are helping them.

·         It gives your substitute a chance to say what they do and as such you are helping them.

·         It puts more people in the room and as such helps the Hub generally.

·         Also bigger meets give us a better chance of converting visitors to members; this in terms helps all of us.

Arrange 1-2-1 meetings as they not only help you to understand what people do in more detail, meet on their site, your site or at a coffee shop/pub whichever is appropriate. This understanding will enable you to decide if they can help you or one of your contacts. A good tip is to decide between you how long the meeting will last and then have half each.

The more you do for each other, the more you know each other, the more do for each other. It's a virtuous circle.

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Date Added: 20 November 2012

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