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An article from Derby Hub member Angela Szczepankiewicz from Virtual Admin Plus

Every week we stand up and give our 60 second commercial, during which we hope that everyone around the table is listening and thinking about how they can find referrals for us.

Let’s start making it easy for everyone, let’s give each of our Derby Hub colleagues all the information they need to find us those quality referrals week after week after week.
So what makes a great 60 seconds?

There are 6 parts to your effective 60 seconds:

  1. Tell them who you are. Your name and your business name is enough (5 Seconds)
  2. What do you do, here this should be what difference do you make, we all know Accountant do your tax returns and IFA’s deal with pensions and investments, but don’t Accountants also ensure you don’t fall foul of the law and IFA’s help you fulfil your life long dreams (5 Seconds)
  3. How do you do this? An IT Specialist 25 year’s experience, a graphic designer may work with some prestigious clients, what have you done? & how have you done it? (30 Seconds)
  4. What to listen out for. Help your colleagues by giving them hooks to listen for. A printer might want someone not happy with their business cards, a letting Agent, a landlord trying to do it all themselves. (10 Seconds)
  5. Call to action. Who do you want to be referred to? Anyone is too vague, be specific, have a profession or a company name, or even better a specific person you want to speak to. (5 Seconds)
  6. Finally your memory hook, make your colleagues remember you. Finish with your Name your company and your strap line. A Solicitor dealing with wills might want to use. Our clients make money the old fashioned way - they inherit it! An Accountant might use we teach you the difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance. And an IT Specialist. We want you to swear by your computer not at it. (5 Seconds)

Take time to plan next week’s 60 second commercial:

  1. Your Name and Your Company Name
  2. What do you really do? How does that help your customers?
  3. How do you do this?
  4. What should you listen out for?
  5. Call to action, who do you want to speak to?
  6. Your Name, your Company Name and your Memory Hook.

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Date Added: 25 May 2012

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