Derby Hub is a 'not for profit' organisation, encouraging Derbyshire businesses to collaborate and 'share business excellence'.

ten networking commandments

In order to help our members and visitors to understand the ethos behind Derby Hub and to get the most from attending our networking meetings, we have devised our TNC's (Ten Networking Commandments):

  1. You will not sell to the room
  2. You will treat all members with respect, act professionally and be truthful
  3. You will go out of your way to help fellow members without prejudicing your own business
  4. You will endeavour to provide interesting and useful weekly commercials and presentations
  5. You will not undercut or “steal” clients from a fellow member, regardless of whether the project originating Derby Hub related or not
  6. You will offer members your best service and prices at all times
  7. You will always promote Derby Hub positively and publicise it wherever possible amongst your contacts and social media outlets
  8. You will, at all times, abide by the ethical standards of your profession
  9. You will be welcoming to new, potential members and be a perfect host
  10. Any issues you have with a fellow member should not be voiced in the meeting. If after a private discussion with that member, you feel it cannot be resolved, the issue should be put in writing and presented to the committee.

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ten networking commandments

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